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Iran Encouraged By Western Offer

The on again, off again, efforts to engage in discussions with Iran over its nuclear enrichment program apparently has a more positive note. Mohammad Ali Hosseini, spokesperson for the foreign ministry, said his government felt encouraged by the latest UN proposal. Iran regards the proposal as containing several points which are in agreement with its own views. “We believe this common ground is encouraging. we say that this common ground can help with the start of negotiations.” He expressed the view that the “time is ripe” for real discussions between both parties although, he once again made clear his nation would not halt uranium enrichment.

A major problem in this matter is the need for Iran to present a picture of being independent and not cowed by threats from the West or Israel. The Bush factor is always present since Iran believes the American president is contemplating an attack on its nation and it does not wish to come across as being afraid of such an event. It may well be there will not be serious negotiations until a new president sits in the oval office.