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Taliban Grows More Powerful In Pakistan

A video which shows a teenage girl being flogged by Taliban fighters is being seen throughout the world. The once peaceful Sawt Valley in Pakistan has been surrendered to Taliban thugs by the Pakistan government and the religious fanatics are now imposing their will upon a population that is terrorized. Two men hold the girl down while a third whips her repeatedly as she cries in desperation, “please stop it. Either kill me or stop it now.” After receiving 34 lashes the girl is led into a building. Taliban spokesperson Muslim Khan took responsibility for the flogging. “She came out of a house with another guy who w as not her husband, so we must punish her. There are boundaries you cannot cross.” The video is being shown because the Taliban wants everyone to understand what happens if you cross the black turbaned thugs who now control the Swat Valley.

Sher Muhammad Khan, an official with the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan noted: “they have committed so many atrocities since the peace deal. They have taken control of the district. They decide disputes according to their whims.” It appears where the government has abandoned an area, the Taliban impose their own laws and brutality.

One of the men holding down the girl was her brother. Such is life in Taliban Pakistan where a government has allowed criminals to impose their brutality. After all, the Taliban was created by the Pakistan military.