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It’s Them White Folk With Blue Eyes!

Brazilian President Lula de Silva blasted white people in the world as the cause of the current economic crisis which he believes has most impacted poor darker skinned people. He said “white people with blue eyes” are the ones who destroyed the banking system and sent the world into a downward spiral of poverty that now impact millions of innocent dark skinned individuals. “It’s not an ideological question–the fact is that once again we find that most of the poor who have not even participated in globalization have been the first victims of the crisis.”

This raises questions about white people with dark eyes. Are they at all responsible for what has happened? Perhaps, it is time to check out any white person with blue or dark eyes and find out their exact role in the financial crisis. If it turns out that only blue eyed are devils, we can take off the hook those white people with dark eyes who live in Brazil.

By the way, whatever happened to the darker skinned dark eyed people of Japan? Do they fit in anywhere?