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Much Ado About Nothing According To Berlusconi

War in Iraq and Afghanistan, hurricanes, drought, thousands of refugees entering Italy from North Africa but Silvio Berlusconi, the nation’s prime minister, wants to focus on the really important crisis confronting his society –his relations with women! “Now, it’s my turn to speak,” he told reporters and then went on a rambling tirade about left wing critics who were trying to smear his name and his wife who was duped by unscrupulous politicians into believing he was having affairs with young girls and the trials and tribulations of a man who enjoys looking at young girls which he is certain will meet with approval by the Vatican and the Pope. After all, Pope Benedict can’t turn down a young attractive lady who wants to take confession so why can’t Berlusconi offer advice and comfort to the young and afflicted of his nation? For some reason, he appears to be more interested in tales of woe by beautiful young women than those told by Roma men. But, please don’t get the wrong idea, he does love his wife.

The political world needs more leaders such as Silvio Berlusconi, men who are ready at the drop of a slip to plunge into the lives of beautiful women instead of wasting his time dealing with problems created by earthquakes. After all, if George Bush had only spent time with beautiful young girls he never would have run into problems by making remarks concerning Hurricane Katrina.