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Freedom To Be An Idiot?

We hold these truths to be self evident, all humans have the inalienable right to make a fool of themselves by spouting nonsense under the guise of offering information. Geert Wilders has made a reputation by offering cliches and fear concerning the presence of Muslims in European societies. For some reason, his presence in a nation arouses fear and anger resulting in cries of banning his arrival. The latest episode occurred in the Czech Republic where he was denied entry as well as being prevented from giving his speech about the evils of the Muslim religion. Ironically, a spokesperson for a Muslim organization said he could give any speech desired and his group would stand by quietly.

Geert Wilders depends on expressions of anger since that allows him to being portrayed as a symbol of the lone voice speaking out against a supposed evil. Every time he is censored, his popularity in the Netherlands goes up. Allow him to speak ignorance, and he eventually will disappear into the darkness of hate.

Geert Wilders And Politics Of Fear

On Nov ember 2, 2004, a fanatic Islamist shot and killed the Dutch filmmaker, Theo van Gogh and then slit his throat and pinned his angry message to those who were regarded as anti-Muslim. Since that day, many Dutch politicians have regarded their nation as engaged in a war against Muslim terrorists. Geert Wilders, leader of the right-wing Party for Freedom(PVV) has become the symbol of hatred toward Muslims. Several months ago while attempting to enter the United Kingdom he was refused entry on grounds he was a ‘serious threat” to harmony in British society. This month, he entered Great Britain and was warmly welcomed by those sharing his hatred of Muslims. Current estimates is Wilders stands an excellent chance of becoming prime minister of the Netherlands in 2011.

His basic argument is that Islam is not a religion but a fascist ideology similar to that of the Nazis. He terms the Koran as similar to Hitler’s Mein Kampf and wants it banned. His intriguing solution to controversy over the Muslim burqas is to impose a $1,500 tax on wearing it. Wilders is living proof of the human tendency to reach for voices of hate when economic times become precarious. One can only assume Wilders will soon announce that by getting rid of burqas economic revival will shortly follow.

Geert Wilders Against Hate Laws

Geert Wilders, the provocative Dutch political leader who has been in the forefront of anti-Muslim activities came out strongly against any law which bans hate speech. In his address in Denmark, the firebrand stated bluntly: “Islam is not a religion. It’s a threat against everything we stand for.” This fighter for freedom of speech wants to close down all Muslim schools and mosques because people in those places do not speak the truth, or at least, the truth as viewed by Mr. Wilders. He told the audience at least 40% of British Muslims seek to introduce sharia law and a high percent of Muslims support the 9/11 attackers.

Mr. Wilders speaks eloquently in support of freedom of speech, but for some reason he does not wish to allow Muslims to have freedom of speech. Undoubtedly, he is not a supporter of the “wrong free speech,” and prefers the government should make clear what is “the right free speech” and the “wrong free speech.” Of course, isn’t that what governments are trying to do with hate speech laws?

Geert Wilders Fights For Freedom Of Speech!

Right wing politician Geert Wilders opposes the rights of Muslims, but he has now posed himself as a champion of the right of free speech. He has hired a top notch lawyer, Brian Moszkowicz, to defend him before the nation’s higher judicial body in an attempt to squash an attempt by the Amsterdam appeals court that he be tried for insulting Mulsims and describing the Koran as “the Islamic Mein Kampf.” Wilders argues he has the right to say anything he desires either inside or outside of Parliament and this attempt to place him on trial is a blow to those who seek to speak things not desired by the majority. Actually, the Amsterdam appeals court ignored a decision by the public prosecutor who refused to take legal action against the Dutch member of Parliament.

It is unclear as to whether the Dutch high court will intervene in this case. The major mistake made in this situation was the decision of the Amsterdam appeals court to intervene and try placing Wilders on trial. A trial is actually what he desires since it would present him with a public platform to pose as a defender of free speech. Free speech means those we oppose have a right to shout anything they desire as long as they do not pose a direct threat to the safety of others by their words. Wilders should be encouraged to rant on about his hatred of Muslims. All he does is make even those not sympathetic to Muslims to rush to their defense.

Does A Person Have A Right To Hate Muslims?

The United States has been living in a nightmare in which government decides who has a right to speak and who is a “terrorist.” Dutch politician Geert Wilders, is an outspoken critic of Muslims and their religion. Last year a Dutch public prosecutor refused to bring charges against him of hate speech but this week the Amsterdam Court of Appeal found there was a case to be made for inciting hatred. The court ruled Wilders had personally insulted Muslim believers by attacking the symbols of Islam and that his film, “Fitna” was “biased” and would encourage people to hate Muslims.

There is no doubt Court of Appeal believes it represents the truth and that somehow government should be endowed with the power to decide what is true or false, what is allowed to be said and what can not be said. The famous American criteria is “shouting Fire in a crowded theater” can directly lead to the death of other humans. As far as one can tell, there is not evidence anyone has been harmed because Wilders is a bigot. The bigots of this world have a right to their ideas and silencing their criticism or hatred opens the door for tomorrow having what today is deemed “right” to be reclassified as “wrong” by a different government.

I always thought in a free society an individual had the absolute right to make an ass of himself. Just about everyone trying to persuade people to join their religion is insulting another religion. Let the court of public opinion decide the fate of Wilders, not a government agency. One Bush experience in life is enough for a lifetime.

EU Will Not Screen Anti-Muslim Film

The European Parliament has banned the viewing of the anti-Islam film, Fitna, on its premises. The film was made by Durch right-wing MP and Freedom party leader, Geert Wilders who reacted by storming out in anger claiming it was a blow against democracy. A majority of members of Parliament believe the film merely incites hatred of Muslims and does not contribute to raising issues other than those of blind hatred. Originally, the film wa to have been shown in a conference room, but the projector was taken away. Fitna reminded his audience the film already had been show in London and elsewhere.

The basic thesis of the film is an examination of the Koran reveals it encourages war and violence. It contains a collection of quotes and news footage of terrorist attacks. It would not be difficult to make a film which contains quotes from the Bible as well as footage of Christian violence including the Holocaust. Issues in this case have nothing to do with democracy, they simply deal with taste and refusal to foster anti-Muslim hatred. Mr. Wilders is free to show his film around the world. There is no doubt a ready audience for such films is available among those who hate Muslims.

Dutch Anti-Muslim Speech Guilty Of Hate

Endy Bayuni, writing in the Jakarta Post, urged Muslims throughout the world to simply ignore the new film, “Fitna” by Geert Wilders, the Dutch right wing fanatic. “Wilders is just as guilty of spreading hated through his lens about Islam as the Muslims who preach and use violence against what they perceive to be the enemies of Islam.” Bayuni regards the film as simply another example of Islamophobia in the Western world. “Let’s just hope Europeans have the common sense to dismiss Fitna as nothing more than as a propaganda tool for the Dutch politician’s anti-immigration platform.” He believes Wilders deliberately made the film so hateful in order to elicit within the Muslim world a violent reaction which he could use to prove all Muslims are prone to violence.

Since the goal of Fitna is convincing the Western world that violence is inherent within the Muslim religion, the best response for Muslims is following the wise advice of Bayuni by exhibiting the sounds of silence. A demagogue like Wilders can only thrive if people resort to violence, but what would happen if the entire Muslim world simply ignored his film? Muslims have suffered damage by violent responses to a few cartoons that, if ignored, would never have been seen by more than a few thousand people. Instead, by rioting and attacking Denmark, mobs gave cartoonist what they desire — fame.

Dutch Brace For Riots Over Film

The Duch government is awaiting possible violent protests this week after a provocative anti-Muslim film by a radic al right-wing politician is shown. Geert Wilders intends to show a Koran being torn up and desecrated. He has ensured followers the film will be shown on TV and the Internet regardless of what the government does to attempt suppressing his material. A group, “Stop Islamisation of Europe” is planning to travel to Amsterdam in order to show support for the politician who is now under guard due to fears opponents will make attempts on his life. Wilders announced last fall his desire to make a film depicting fascist elements of the Muslim faith.

Many of those who disagree with Wilders believe he has been able to thrive in the absence of intelligent dialogue regarding issues raised concerning Muslim immigration. Ahmad Badr al-Din Hassoun, the Grant Mufti of Syria, said if Wilders was seen to tear up or burn a Koran, “this will simply mean he is inciting wars and bloodshed.” I disagree with the cleric. The act of tearing up any book, holy or not, is an individual one, and it is not a criminal action. Muslims are entitled to respect and dignity, they are an integral part of the Netherlands community, but they cannot dictate behavior of each person in the nation. Nor, can the government of the Netherlands. At some point, those Muslims who become upset at the Wilders of this world must come to the realization they thrive when you trnasform into martyrs. The most effective anti-Wilders action is to ignore his behavior. He can not thrive in the silence of anonymity.