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Holocaust Denier Still Denying

Bishop Richard Williamson has been asked to leave Argentine after continuing to make remarks concerning his disbelief that anything such as the Holocaust ever happened. He insists, based on his “research” that historical evidence was “hugely against six million having been deliberately gassed in gas chambers as a deliberate policy of Adolf Hitler.” The Catholic Church has made clear it is washing its hands of the bishop and he is on his own. Williamson was met by documentary maker Michele Renouf, who believes it is a “disgrace” there is no reasoned debate about the Holocaust.

I hate to inform the good bishop but several thousand books have been written about the Holocaust, there are hundreds of historical works which analyze in great detail every aspect of the Holocaust and there are still thousands who were in the death camps where most of their companions were gassed in the non-existent gas chambers.

Historians have been “debating” virtually every aspect of the Holocaust and have examined thousands of documents from Nazi Germany. There were at least nine million Jews in Europe in 1939 and by 1945 the number was closer to 3,000,000. Perhaps, the six million went to Argentine.

Pope Benedict Rethinks Controversy

Pope Benedict XVI went to great lengths to distance himself from the words of a Catholic Bishop who is an outspoken advocate of denying the existence of the Holocaust during World War II. The pope’s decision to welcome back bishop Richard Williamson into the Catholic religion after he was excommunicated, has created a storm of protest throughout the world and deeply impacted the church. A group of rabbis met with the pope to discuss the situation and they were greeted with warmth by the pontiff who tried to allay their fears about his own Holocaust views. He made clear it “was his fervent prayer that the memory of this appalling crime will strengthen our determination to heal the wounds that for too long have sullied relations between Christians and Jews.”

There is no question Pope Benedict is not a Holocaust denier, but for some reason he has been placed in an awkward position by Williamson and perhaps he has been poorly assisted by his own staff who should have researched the Williamson views before there was any talk of welcoming him back into the church.

Holocaust Denier Denys Recanting Over Denial

The British bishop who has questioned the existence of a Holocaust in Europe during World War II refuses to accede to the request by Pope Benedict that he renounce “in an absolutely unequivocal and public” way his statements that only 200,000 Jews died during WWII. Bishop Richard Wiliamson said he was have to “examine historic evidence” before he could re-evaluate his views. “It is not about emotions but about historic evidence” and claimed he was aware there might be people who actually disagree with his crazy ideas. There are thousands of books about the Holocaust, films made at the time, diaries by both Jews and Nazis, and still Mr. Williamson is unaware there might have been a Holocaust.

The Pope has been left holding the bag by this vicious little man who hides in the shadow of ignorance to cover up his blatant ant-semitism let alone his refusal to grasp that hundreds of thousands of gays and Roma were also killed. Surely, this man has no place in the Catholic religion.

Perhaps, the good bishop could explain what happened to the six million Jews who were in Europe in 1939 and were not there in 1945. Does he think they all went to Las Vegas and Florida in search of sunshine?

Sarkozy Blasts Vatican On Holocaust Denial

President Sarkozy expressed his displeasure with the Vatican’s handling of the recent Holocaust denial on the part of Bishop Williamson who the Pope was prepared to readmit into the Catholic Church. “It is shocking, ” said the French President, “and it is unacceptable that someone in the 21st century can deny the Shoah, the martyrdom of the Jews.” Sarkozy called on the Vatican and the Pope to insist on changes in the views of Bishop Williamson. The Vatican announced that prior to being readmitted to the Church, Williamson must “unequivocally and publicly” change his views on the Holocaust. It also said that Pope Benedict had not known of the bishop’s Holocaust views prior to promising to allow him back into the Catholic Church.

The damage has been done and even if Bishop Wiliamson says he was wrong, few will believe there is sincerity in such statements. Unfortunately, Williamson simply spouts the ignorance of Holocaust deniers who prefer to ignore history due to their hatred of either Jews or Israel.