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Burma Dissident Finally Freed

The thugs who run Burma have imprisoned many people over the years in their attempt to stifle voices of freedom, but none of these heroes stands out more than Win Tin, a journalist who was finally freed after 19 years in prison. He is Burma’s longest serving prisoner in the fight for democracy in the nation. Win Tin told fellow reporters on being freed, “I will keep on fighting until the emergence of democracy in this country.” He was arrested in 1989 for the heinous crime of assisting a girl who had just obtained an abortion. While in prison, he received additional punishment for agitating against the military government and distributing propaganda. The 79 year old dissident was released along with 9,002 other prisoners under amnesty for ordinary prisoners.

Win Tin showed his defiance to the very end refusing to pick up his personal belongings or change into civilian clothes because he wanted to make clear he was not an ordinary criminal but a hero of the Burmese people.