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Wizard Of Zimbabwe-The Mugabeman

Once upon a time in the far off land of Zimbabwe there lived a wizard who lived in an ivory tower from which he sent his agents of truth to inform people when they were hungry their stomachs were filled and when they expressed their ideas freely it was a violation of the constitution which only allows free speech to those who speak freely of the greatness of the wizard in the ivory tower of justice. The loyal citizens of the far off land decided they needed a new wizard and voted for the Movement for Democratic Change whose head reduced hyper-inflation and began the process of bringing food to the people. The wizard of Mugabeland decided he had to combat those who spoke the truth that was not his version of the truth. So, he sent his police gremlins to seek out those who opposed him. One was captured for the heinous crime of stealing a cell phone from the man with whom he was having lunch, another committed the capital crime of listening to a song that spoke ill of the wizard.

On the outskirts of the fairy kingdom lay the nation of South Africa whose leader, the Zuma man shook his head in dismay at the wizard but decided as long as the wizard used his talents in Mugabeland it was none of his business.

The moral of this story is if you visit Mugabeland, make certain to deposit your radio or cell phone with the hotel clerk and get a signed receipt.