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European Court Rules Turkey Allowed Women Abuse

The European Court of Human Rights ruled that Turkish police had abused two teenage girls suspected of aiding Kurdish separatist forces. The judges found credible their complaints that Turkish police physically and sexually assaulted two teenage girls who were in their custody for allegedly working with Kurdish separatist groups. The court found the abuse entailed sodomy and forced virginity tests which violates international conventions. The Turkish government has promised to wipe out any examples of torture, but apparently the message still has not gotten down to those working in the police and army. The two girls were convicted in 1999 of being members of a terrorist group and sentenced to long terms in jail. The court ordered the Turkish government to pay the girls for their imprisonment and abuse.

The abuse of women goes deeper than just against those who support illegal groups, it pervades many aspects of Turkish society in which men dominate women and abuse them both physically and emotionally. Until Turkish women truly have equal rights they will be denied their rights as equal partners in society.

Turkish Women Accept Domestic Violence

According to the study, “Domestic Violence Against Women in Turkey,” a large percent of females are somewhat reluctant to take action against their husbands who engage in violence against them. About 14% of women say is sometimes acceptable for their husbands to physically abuse them and 64% of women who have been subject to domestic violence do not seek help because they believe it is not a serious problem in their lives. About one in three women report problems with the families of their husbands were a major source of tension in their marriage and a major source of domestic violence. The rate of physical violence against women is 38% in cities and 43% in rural areas.

In-law issues crop up as sources of domestic violence but 18% cited financial problems and 13% attributed the cause as stemming from dealing with children. About one third of women admitted they contemplated suicide as a result of the abuse they suffer from husbands. Domestic violence is not an issue particular to Muslim societies and it occurs in virtually all societies in the world. The report did not offer suggestions for how to deal with this issue other than counseling.

Somalians Won’t Integrate In Norway

A Somalian woman who came to Norway 10 years ago has just written a sharp indictment of her fellow Somalians for their failure to integrate within Norwegian society. She blames the lack of integration is due to Somali males who fear becoming more Norwegian threatens their culture and control over Somali women. She says many regard the Norwegians as infidels and lack trust or interest in their ideas. The anonymous author of “See Us” fears revealing her real name due to potential violence on the part of male religious fundamentalists. Among her charges against fellow Somalians is that many women “divorce” in order to receive welfare benefits but continue living under the authority of her husband.

The book argues women and children are kept isolated and females face physical brutality from males. At present, there are about 20,000 Somalians living in Norway, mainly concentrated in the Oslo area.