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Hail To Female WASPS, Not Male Ones!

The term WASP ordinarily is used to denote White Anglo Saxon Males who so frequently dominate the power structure of America. But, during World War II, there was a different group of WASPS–Women Airforce Service Pilots” who flew planes and performed tasks to free males to go overseas and fight the air war. The women flew cargo planes, took planes from hangers to be sent overseas, and towed targets for men training to become fighter pilots. Of course, in those days, the very thought of women actually being allowed to serve in combat zones was strictly off limits. The group was disbanded in late 1944 when men began returning from overseas and the women sent back to tasks that real WASPS believed was most appropriate like cooking and raising children.

These women who served their country in time of war had to wait until 1977 when Congress finally got around to providing them the GI Bill of Rights given all those who served the nation. Of course, by that time the GI Bill was of scant use to a woman in her fifties, but those were the “good old days” when women knew their place.

Congress will award every woman who served in the WASP a gold medal. At least those who are still alive will finally get some recognition.