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Domestic Violence Against Turkish Women

The Turkish Compassion Association(Sefkat-Der) has interviewed over 9,000 women who were subject to domestic violence and prepared a report on findings of the study. The report indicates there are several basic reasons Turkish men will use physical violence against their wives–not engaging in sexual activity, gaining weight, inability to bear children or falling to give birth to a male child, getting ill without husband permission, cooking, failing to iron clothes on time, leaving the house without permission, and several other terrible crimes such as not turning over her pay check to the king of the house. These aggrieved men invariably resort to physical violence ranging from use of fists to canes to belts in order to prove they are the master of the domain and the woman belongs to him.

Women told interviewers they were particularly upset when violence took place in front of the children or their relatives. Some women wish men could receive the same punishment they inflict on women or, at least, be subject to some form of official sanction by authorities. A recent study on domestic violence by professors Ayse Gul Altinay and Yesim Arat claims as high as one out of three Turkish women is the object of domestic violence.