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Iran Bans Women Magazine For Reporting Crimes

The Iranian government has taken action to silence a leading women’s magazine which has long fought to protect the rights of female members of the nation, an action which has infuriated many religious figures in the country. The magazine, Zanan, was banned due to articles it published about women issues. “The license of the magazine Zanan(Women) managed by Shahla Sherkt has been cancelled as the monthly published articles undermining public confidence in law and order by leading people to believe that the Islamic Republic was unsafe for women.”

Zanan dared to publish monthly figures on the number of crimes committed against women in Iran. This type of factual data is undoubtedly the type of evidence which would infuriate those who believe that facts, in themselves, are a threat to law and order. The religious fanatics who presently govern Iran know that facts lie. Instead of facts, they believe honest people should publish fantasy since it is preferable to live in an unreal world in which all women are safe than to inhabit one in which women are abused. I guess the next time an Iranian woman is assaulted she should take comfort in knowing the assault never happened.