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European Court Rules Turkey Allowed Women Abuse

The European Court of Human Rights ruled that Turkish police had abused two teenage girls suspected of aiding Kurdish separatist forces. The judges found credible their complaints that Turkish police physically and sexually assaulted two teenage girls who were in their custody for allegedly working with Kurdish separatist groups. The court found the abuse entailed sodomy and forced virginity tests which violates international conventions. The Turkish government has promised to wipe out any examples of torture, but apparently the message still has not gotten down to those working in the police and army. The two girls were convicted in 1999 of being members of a terrorist group and sentenced to long terms in jail. The court ordered the Turkish government to pay the girls for their imprisonment and abuse.

The abuse of women goes deeper than just against those who support illegal groups, it pervades many aspects of Turkish society in which men dominate women and abuse them both physically and emotionally. Until Turkish women truly have equal rights they will be denied their rights as equal partners in society.