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Wow! Finnish Advance -Toilets For Women!

Finland is a modern progressive state, but for some reason, it has never gotten around to providing children and women who are in jail the right to have a toilet in the cell. Minister of Justice, Tuija Brax, promised before the end of the year any prison which still lacks toilet facilities for women will have the problem solved. In many jails where children are in cells with their mothers, the group has to defecate in buckets! For some reason there was never enough money for such high expense items. According to Tuomo Karjenmaki, director of the Hameenlinna Prison, “most of the prisons for men have been renovated and all cells have been equipped with toilets, but for some reason, female inmates have been forgotten.”

It is difficult to imagine in the 21st century that women who are in jail with children still are placed in “cells.” Surely, there is enough money to provide apartment style living conditions for female prisoners with children.