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Amnesty International-Swedish Rapists Not Punished

Sweden enjoys a reputation as a nation in which women have extensive equal rights and attain high positions in virtually all sectors of society. It has always been a nation who is a leader in the fight for gender equity, but for some reason on the issue of rape, their record is one of indifference to the plight of women. An Amnesty General report on rape in Nordic countries blasted Sweden for the number of rapes reported and the number of convictions for rape. The number of of convictions today is lower than what it was thirty years ago. It is also estimated that only five to ten percent of rapes are ever reported to the police since, apparently, many women do not believe any action will be taken other than subjecting them to publicity and embarrassment.

The evidence appears to suggest that women who were drunk when forced into sex have a difficult time proving it was rape rather than consensual. The fear of public shame is quite strong among educated Swedish women and they lag in reporting sexual assaults. It is now statistically more likely for a person in Sweden to be sexually assaulted than robbed.

Rape And Murder In Congo

In theory, living in the capital of a nation should afford women some form of protection against crime and violence, but in Kinshasa, abusing women is something that occurs on a daily basis. Clara, age 16, described how two men posing as policemen, “threw me on the ground and raped me.” She shared the experience that hundreds of other women in the capital have endured. As armed soldiers in the eastern section of the country rape and pillage without fear of retribution, women in the capital are now facing a similar fear of being violated by those who supposedly represent forces of law and order. Doctor Arthur Ngoy, says in his medical unit there are three daily cases of rape he has to treat, many of them resulting in pregnancy.

Last week, several thousand women took to the streets of the capital demanding an end to rape and violence. As a 2008 UN report noted, “Congolese women lie in a soul-destroying environment in which they are ;undervalued, discriminated against, and sexually assaulted.” It is doubtful if protests will end this violence against women.