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Out Of Berlusconi’s Mouth Comes More Nonsense!

It is not very difficult to identify the leading spouters of nonsense in the world and certainly, Silvioi Berlusconi, Italy’s prime minister must rank as number one when it comes to opening a mouth and speaking utter inane remarks. The prime minister was discussing the beauty of Rome when he suddenly erupted with a comparison to Finland. “Can you imagine when I was in Finland they took me to see an 18th century wooden church. I remember how important this was to them. We woke up early in the morning and travelled to the church for three hours. Over here(in Italy) such a church would have been bulldozed to the ground.”

The Finnish Ministry for Foreign Affairs did an investigation. Berlusconi was never in Finland at the invitation of the government and his only visit was in 1999 when he met with fellow conservatives. They checked his schedule for that visit and found no evidence he had visited any church while in Finland. The conclusion of the Finnish government is that Berlusconi may have confused Iceland with Finland. That is understandable, they both end with the letters, “land.” At least we know the Italian who roars nonsense does not like wooden churches.