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World Cup And LeBron James

The World Cup has finally come to an end with the high scoring 1-0 victory of Spain over the Netherlands. As one who has absolutely no interest in the World Cup anymore than I have in who LeBron James forces to give him a hundred million dollars, it is amusing to observe the anger and fury generated by sporting events and personalities. Just about every World Cup game included fury on the part of one side regarding officiating. There were moments when simply turning over to umpires the entire process of playing a game made more sense than anything else. It is a freaking game, but these referees appear to be observing something else besides the game they supposedly were officiating. I am simply too much of an American to become excited about one game after another which concludes in 1-0.

Of course, we Americans are no better when it comes to sports. A young man, LeBron James, apparently believes he is the second coming of Jesus Christ and arranges a TV SPECIAL! in order to inform the entire nation with whom he will play next season. Sports has been transformed from a “sporting even” into commercial enterprises in which the game is of secondary importance. Oh, in fairness to King James it should be noted he donated a few hundred thousand dollars to children. God Bless You Tiny James.

South African Security Blows The Game!

Simon Wright is a journalist who met Pavlos Joseph, a fan who decided to march right into the locker room of the inept English soccer team and give them piece of his mind. He told star soccer player, David Beckham that his play was lackluster and then stormed out. For some strange reason, South African authorities are all upset because Wright not only interviewed the fan, but helped him to find a place of refuge. In the modern world, when we give aid to a stranger, we have to secure identify from the fellow and evidence that he is not a member of a terrorist group. I am glad Jesus Christ does not return, because Fox News or South African police will demand to see his birth certificate. Wright is charged with “defeting or obstructing the administration of justice.”

Has the world gone mad? The fan told Beckham what millions of other fans thought, and now we have a court case. Much ado about nothing, if you ask me. The entire episode is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.

Beware Wrath of God World Cup Fans!!

I confess to being one who is oblivious to the entire World Cup hysteria which will undoubtedly put me in good standing before God who apparently is quite upset at the entire thing known as the World Cup. Siraaj Mohamed told a court in South Africa that, after discussing the matter with God, he has been informed the Man in the sky is angry at the entire World Cup frenzy. According to Mohamed, (not the Prophet, it should be made clear) “the way people worship the World Cup is the same as the way people worshipped the golden calf in the time of Moses.” God informed him that people in, south Africa, and particularly those in the vicinity of facilities being used to play the World Cup, should be cognizant that God is ready to destroy the entire city and everything within its boundaries in order to make clear His displeasure at this fawning worship of false gods.

Heck, God, I am bored by the World Cup, so I assume there will be no lightening bolts headed in my direction. Of course, I am concerned due to my loyalty to the New York Knickerbocker basketball team that God might let me experience an earthquake or something like that. I just can not imagine HIm being a Knick fan.

By the way, God, do they have the World Cup on other planets in the universe?

World Cup Woes

Confession, this is the first year I ever paid any attention to the World Cup and I am 80 years old. Frankly, my love for American baseball, football, and basketball, never led me to ever have any interest in what the rest of the world terms, “football” and I term it, “soccer.” I tried watching World Cup matches and saw men running back and forth on a field, keeping their hands to themselves, and using other parts of the body in order to propel a ball. Sometimes, this man known as a “referee” would intervene and there would be a kick. Back and forth they went and very occasionally a term would have one of its players kick the ball past the goalie. But, most of the scores were 1-0 or 2-1. I assume this excites people to the extent they fight and shout and may even kill one another if their team loses.

American lost by 2-1. I honestly tried watching with interest. Frankly, it is all a big bore. Can’t you guys change some rules so that more goals are scored? After all, how the hell can I shout happiness because someone did not score?

World Cup Not My Cup Of Tea

I was raised on baseball, stickball, basketball and American football so it is difficult for me to watch this thing called, “football” by other inhabitants of this planet. I did try the other day to watch the match between England and the United States but boredom soon enveloped my mind and eyes. They run around, slide, block the other guy from doing anything and everyone goes wild with happiness if, by some strange occurrence, the ball actually enters the other net and is counted as a goal. Just about every game concludes with scores of -1-0 or 0-0 or 2-1. I do enjoy a defensive battle, but every game! I admit they run very fast and are wonderful in use of their legs and shoulders and heads, but score a damn goal! Anyway, after about fifteen minutes I decided it was time to return to the world of excitement and see a baseball game or the Lakers playing the Celtics.

God bless you people of Planet Earth who enjoy watching nothing occur. However, I finally figured out the reason they have a World Cup every four years is to give people time to recover from their boredom.