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Iran Launches New Rocket

The Iranian government announced it had launched a new rocket called the “Kavosh 2″ in the midst of a world which is caught in tension and fears due to economic turmoil. The new rocket come after an earlier claim that Iran had test-fired a new generation of surface-to surface missiles which could be used either for defensive or offensive actions. Iran state television did not release any further details other than to say the Kavosh 2(which means Explorer 2) has both offensive and defensive capabilities. Western experts still do not have sufficient information in order to evaluate the actual abilities of the rocket as far as its real potential as a threat to world peace.

Iran is proceeding with both its nuclear and its rocket development programs while western nations only focus on nuclear issues. Halting Iran’s nuclear program is only half the struggle to establish peace in the region. There is need for newly elected president Obama to engage Iranian leaders in meaningful dialogue and deal realistically with the situation rather than pretend everything is going to be OK once Iran ceases nuclear development. The plus aspect of discussions is the damage to Iran’s economy by the fall in oil prices. Iran needs the west as much as the west needs Iran.