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Goodbye From World’s Biggest Polluter, Says Bush

The United States of America continues its refusal to accept the reality of global warming and the importance of the world’s most powerful industrial power to become an active participant in the fight to deal with issues confronting the future of the world. In one of his characteristic off-hand remarks, the president told leaders of the G-8 summit meeting, “goodbye from the world’s biggest polluter,” as he prepared to depart. President Bush did tell his fellow members at the summit, the United States might “seriously consider” a 50% cut in carbon emissions by the year 2050. Of course, Bush will be dead by the point in time but his children and grandchildren will have to live in a world polluted by his follies.

China and India were invited to the summit and also adopted a negative attitude concerning the issue of pollution saying they would not sign any binding agreements until the leading industrial powers made clear what they would do about curbing CO 2 emissions. There is little doubt leaders of the world simply do not believe it is time for drastic action nor will they bluntly tell people in their countries about what must be done to make this a healthier and safer world.

The summit also was unable to deal with deadlocks over trade agreements and many believed nothing would happen until after the current presidential election in America because both candidates fear upsetting the farme