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Poor Get Poorer, Rich Get Richer, Who The Hell Cares!

Throughout the world the price of food continues to rise as farmers devote a good portion of their fields of plenty to produce more plentiful supplies of ethanol to keep our cars moving. A reporter for Der Spiegel visited the deserted prison of Ft. Dimanche in Haiti where thousands now scrounge amidst the debris of what used to be home for those being tortured by the notorious saidistc dictator, “Baby Doc” Duvalier. People dig through piles of garbage in hope of a mouthful of food while women prepare something that looks like biscuits but is really made from clay, which combined with some salt and a piece of lettuce, becomes the day’s main food. The clay to make a hundred biscuits is $5 which is nearly twice what it cost a year ago.

The shortage of food is ever increasing all over the world and people nearing starvation have nothing to lose but their lives which are lost already. Thousands have marched in Port-au-Prince demanding food and receiving promises. The price of wheat, corn, and rice which are basic staples of diets in Africa, southeast Asia and the Middle East are rising with no end in sight. George Bush has no concern about global warming but its effect is already seen in loss of agricultural land. An unforseen factor in forecasts about the future of food was failure to reckon with the alteration in diet of Asians and Africans as they become more affluent. They shift away from traditonal rice to wheat and corn products causing prices to rise.

The media is filled with stories about the “financial crisis” but what happens if all hope is gone from hundreds of millions of people? If we are concerned about terrorism today, what awaits us in the future when poverty has wrecked the lives of untold millions?