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Iran Supports Hamas And Anti-Israel Activities

A senior member of Hamas, Abu Marzouk, chair of its political bureau, told a Tehran-based Arabic langauge newspaper, al-Wafaq, that Iran is a major supporter of his organization as well as aiding other groups that are fighting against Israel. He expressed the appreciation of Hamas for assistance received and emphasized Israel was not interested in establishing relations with Muslim nations but its only goal is “to deceive them.” He claimed the fighting in Gaza over the past week has resulted in at least 50 Palestinian “youth” killed and 80 wounded. Doctors at al-Shifta Hospital in Gaza City claimed that all 50 women, children, and youth admitted to the hopsital on January 16 had lost limbs.

One can argue against Israel’s actions in Gaza on severa levels ranging from human rights to practicality, but when Hamas makes outrageous claims that all 50 patients “lost limbs” it is indicative of what is wrong with that organization. Hamas believes exaggeration and denial of reality is the best means to aid the people of Gaza. The refusal of Hamas to take action to halt rocket attacks only hurts Gazans. The people of Gaza need access to markets for their goods, they need the right to seek work in Israel, but they don’t need wild claims and support for activities that threaten the lives of Gazans.