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Barack Obama Denounces Reverend Wright

Barack Obama was finally compelled by the course of events created by the Reverend Wright’s performance at the National Press Club to speak out against a man with whom he had felt a genuine kinship. He termed Wright’s comments as “appalling” and a “distractor” to the American scene which requires those of all backgrounds to address issues of concern for the nation. “The problems we have as a country are too great to continue to be divided. What we saw yesterday out of Reverend Wright was a resurfacing and an exploitation of those old divisions.” Obama emphasized Wright’s performance was “antithetical to our campaign, it is antithetical to what I am about, it is not what I find America stands for. The person I saw yesterday was not the pastor tht I met 20 years ago.”

Barack Obama, as usual, was polite and dignified in his comments about the outrageous performance of Wright. The Reverend Wright put on a performance, he did not give a talk. He mocked, he was glib, he manipulated information by citing the famous Tuskeegee project in order to make his dangerous comment that AIDs was invented by the US government in order to kill off black people. Reverend Wright today is a sad caricature of the man who met Barack Obama twenty years ago.