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Xmas In Sweden- Hit The Rails, Walk, That Is

It was a winter day in Sweden when five young boys who had just been smuggled into the country from Afghanistan decided to get on a train and head some place where they might find safety and a place to sleep. A train agent inquired about their tickets and all they could say with a sheepish smile is they lacked any tickets and had just arrived in the country. But, this is Sweden, the year 2009 and it is Christmas eve, so what do you think happened? No, they were not given refuge in a manger, they were asked to leave the train since the conductors had to follow the rules, no ticket, no seat. The boys were left in the cold and finally arrested by the police.

I was raised in the Depression when estimates were that on any given day about a million people were hitchhiking either with their thumb or by jumping into train boxcar. We considered train people who made people leave to be cruel and sadistic. Hey, man, they are five young boys without tickets on Xmas Eve!

I gather the name of the train conductor was Inger Scrooge.