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Yemen Prisoners In Guatanamo Going Insane

Foprme Guantanamo Bay detainee, Sami Ali-Haji, claimed certain Yemeni inmates at the United States military prison in Cuba, have gone clinically insane because of “hallucinogenic pills” they were forced to take by guards. Ahmed Arman a lawyer with the human rights organization, the National Organization for defending rights and Freedom(HOOD), says “I have been told that Yemeni doctaor Ayman Badhrafi(still in cstody) became insane. Fuwaz Nouman, who recently came back to Yemen also suffers from serious psychological problems. Marc Falkoff, an American lawyer who represents many Yemeni detainee insists it is difficult to determine if somone suffers from a psychological disorder without an examination by a medical professional. However, the US military in the prison does not allow outside doctors to visit or treat prisoners.

Falkoff, says that “we lawyers have repeatedly sought permission from the military and from the judges overseeing our cases to allow us to bring a psychologist or psychiatrist with us to Guanatamo. In every instance, our requests have been denied.” Falkoff thinks a high number of prisoners are suffering from mental illness due to exteme isolation and has been told by the miltiary that about 10% of prisoners are suffering from mental illness.

Al-Haji worked as a cameraman for Al-Jazeera when captured in 2001 on the border of Afghanistan and Pakistan. He was detained in the Guananamo facility for seven years without any clear charges and then set free in May. he was not given an explanation for his detainment nor an apology. Yemeni detainees constitute almost half of prisoners in the prison. The American government has demanded promises from Yemen that returned prisoners would not be tortured. It is unclear whether the request means not tortured like prisoners are not tortured in Guantanamo or something else. The Yemen government insists it provided such assuarances.