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Reality Of Guantanamo– It’s Torture!

David Remes, an American lawyer who represents 15 Yemeni detainees who are being held in Guantanamo Prison, attempted to convey to a group of journalists the torture and degradation his clients daily experience as prisoners in the American prison. Remes even went so far as to pull down his pansts to show those assembled what type of humiliation and psychological torture prisoners face in Guantanamo. Khaid Al-Ansi, director of the National organization for Defending Rights and Freedoms(HOOD) said he would endeavor to depict the emotional events of a day in the life of a prisoner who is daily subjected to brutality and degradation.

David Remmes has been in constant contact with those serving the indefinite sentence to which they are subjected and described the situation of Mohammed Khusruf, in his sixties, who is a broken man and has been imprisoned because he was captured while working in a medical clinic in Afghanistan. Remmes admits some of his clients were members of the Taliban, but points out only 4% of those arrested were captured by Americans, the remainder were handed over by Afghan forces, certainly not the most reliable group in the world.

Among the stories told by Remmes were:

‘One of my clients told me his arm was chained for 24 hours a day and only freed when he was taken to interrogation where light was directed into his eyes of an on until he was unable to see. Following such torture, he was taken to Guantanamo.”

Most prisoners are placed in very small windowless cells where light is directed into their faces 24 hors a day. They are stripped searched and their private parts handled as part of the humiliation process.

Too many years have passed without people being allowed their day in court to hear charges raised against them so they might offer a defense. Guantanamo will live forever in American history as a monument of shame.