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I have spent my life teaching young Americans and increasingly these days am baffled by their inertia towards issues that impact their very lives. They live at a time when there are 12 million unemployed people in this nation and, at least, another 8 million who are underemployed. Thousands of young Americans will graduate this coming June only to discover there are no jobs other than delivering pizza or working at fast food places. However, despite the reality of their lives, the vast majority are PASSIVE, ACCEPTING QUESTIONLESS — PAQ PEOPLE.

Their failure to express anger is only damaging the opportunity to get government working on their behalf. Their failure to address issues raised by the capitalist society which rewards those on Wall Street who buy and sell, but never create jobs or productive capacities in this nation only strengthens the ability of Wall Street to once again run amok with the wealth of this society. I am baffled at the quietness of this generation, I am shocked by their refusal to organize, protest and march on Washington to demand that President Obama get off his butt and offer a program of jobs as Franklin Roosevelt offered in 1933.

Think about the jobs that are awaiting our young people.

Of the 600,000 bridges in this nation, an estimated 150,000 need to be rebuilt. This means jobs for laborers, for computer skilled individuals, for architects, etc..
This nation has to build highways, a high speed train system which can allow forbidding cars in major cities during the week, small hospitals in rural areas, nurses to staff such institutions, a modern day care system which guarantees each family free day care for their children and a National Teacher Corps of 100,000 paid by federal funds to reduce class size. We need smaller schools in order to get away from large ones which breed violence.

We also need action to deal with high college costs which are damaging the ability of middle and lower income students to attain a college degree. How about a GI Bill of Rights for young Americans who offer to serve their nation for two years in either civilian or military functions?

Young Americans have a choice– remain passive, remain silent, and you will continue to be ignored.

How about a million person march of Young Americans on Washington D.C. demanding job creation action by Barack Obama. We elected him to change this nation, not merely to avoid the collapse of our financial institutions.