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Estonian Abortion Foes Blast State Funding

Young Conservatives, the youth branch of Estonia’s Pro Patria and Res Publica Union, demanded an end to government funding of abortion in the country. The group charged that financing abortions performed without medical necessity or abortions on demand from the state budget are not constitutional as well as being politically unjustified. They noted there were 9,378 abortions performed in Estonia last year. It also claimed that Estonia has among the highest rates of abortion in the European Union.

The Young Conservative charges are not new and are heard in virtually every society in which the issue of abortion is controversial. Perhaps, a questioned to be asked is why are there so many abortions in Estonia? Does it suggest there are strong desires and needs among younger Estonians for abortion? Young Conservatives, like so many abortion opponents, believe ending state funding will somehow end abortions. There have been abortions throughout human history and making it illegal only encourages incompetent so-called medical people to damage the lives of thousands by botched abortions.