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Justice On Planet Earth

The following story took place in Turkey, but it could have happened in virtually any nation on this planet. We humans are strange life forms. An individual steals money from millions and causes thousands to become ill and several to die of grief, but the individual will undoubtedly be sent to jail for a few years in a nice pleasant prison which provides amenities for those with money. A 13 year old boy in Turkey committed the heinous crime of stealing a packet of cigarettes. There is scant doubt such crimes threaten the foundation of societies. The boy somehow sent a letter to Riza Eertemur, an MP in the Turkish parliament.

As Ms. Eretemur notes, O.G., is serving a seven year sentence while many who commit murder or engage in terrorism receive lighter sentences. When was the last time an “honor murderer” received a seven year prison sentence in an Arab country?”

Any room left on Avatar?