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China Googles Along Without You Tube

Millions may be afraid to anger the power of YouTube, but the Chinese government is making clear it will not be intimidated by any upstart organization which dares to challenge the 3,000 year old dynasty that is known as China. The Chinese Foreign Ministry made clear that YouTube will not be available for the inhabitants of its nation. According to a spokesperson Qin Gang, “many people have the false impression that the Chinese government fears the Internet. In fact, it is just the opposite.” So there, all you rabble rousers who present these weird ideas about freedom of speech and press! Of course, there are 300,000,000 people in China who daily access the Internet and sites like YouTube. Since early March, access to YouTube has ben spotty.

Since January, there has been a crackdown on the Internet. It may partly stem from fears the anniversary of the Tibetan conflict last year would be used by Internet sources to stir up anger against China. As always in fights with the force of Internet, there may be a temporary victory, but the power of communication will never be stifled.

HS Fight Clubs For Real-Not In Movies

A motion picture depicted an adult fight club in which men fought one another in order to display their athletic prowess, but, as is so often in real life, impressionable youth assume the task of aping the behavior of their elders. There are reports that students at the John Forrest Senior High School in Australia have organized a fight club and are displaying their abilities on YouTube. Viewers of YouTube report there are images of young boys fighting one another as other students cheer them on. In itself, this is simply another story about young people who engage with the world they know– YouTube and movies rather than engage with the world that exists– their daily lives.

Education Minister said she expected a “blow by blow report” on the matter apparently unaware of the symbolic words she uttered. The world of youth today is no more violent than that of the past, but these days the entire world can see madness of youth, not just those in the immediate neighborhood.

Kuwait Bans YouTube

The Kuwait Ministry of Communication has issued a memo to all Internet service providers in the country asking them to block YouTube access. The popular video website has come under fire from the Kuwait government for its alleged disrespect for the Muslim religion. Among the heretical videos shown was that of a man playing a musical instrument while reciting verses from the Koran and another which offered examples of caricatures of the Prophet Mohammad. It is not unusual for the Kuwait ministry to issue edicts banning this or that content, usually on the grounds it is offering pornographic or anti-religious material.

The world this century will witness an ongoing fight between forces that seek to suppress and forces that seek to advance the cause of freedom. Central to the issue of censorship is the definition as to what constitutes “pornography.”

Campigan Has Begun–Smearing Hillary Clinton

The 2008 presidential campaign has gotten off to the course most political experts expected would be taken– a smear campaign on YouTube directed against Hillary Clinton. Peter Paul, former supporter of Clinton, launched a vicious YouTube piece (produced with assistance of two men who created anti-Kerry smears in 2004) which depicts the senator as a power mad individual. According to Paul, “Her abuse of power as reflected in my case should make everybody pause about entrusting hr with the reins of power.” Mr. Paul is a convicted felon who is now awaiting sentencing on stock fraud about a company that Clinton refused to have anything to do with.

The Paul video will be followed by many more such pieces in an effort to destroy the reputation of Hillary Clinton. Republicans will stoop to every and any form of smear campaigns in order to win because they lack a coherent program about Iraq, the economy, health care or how to aid our veterans.