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Pakistan President Finally Recognizes Taliban Threat

After meeting in Washington D.C. with American leaders, Pakistan President Asif Zardari admitted his nation had a “problem” with the presence of Taliban forces inside the country who seek to gain political control of large sections of the region. “I think we ned to find a strategy where the world gets together against this threat, because it’s not Pakistan specific. It’s not Afghanistan-specific. Like I said, it’s all the way from the Horn of Africa. You’ve had attacks in spain. You’ve had attacks in Britain. You’ve had attacks in America. You’ve had attacks in Africa, Saudi Arabia. So, I think the world needs to understand that this is the new challenge of the 21st century, and this is the new war.”

These are welcome words of reality coming from a Pakistan president, but Zardari also has to come to grips with his own army and its links to the Taliban. Dealing with the Taliban in Pakistan and Afghanistan will not succeed if Pakistani military leaders are supplying the Taliban and giving them secret information and advice. At some point, Zardari has to get army leaders engaged in this 21st century war.