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Mugabe Reveals His True Face–No Compromise

Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe has essentially concluded his negotiations with the Movement for Democratic Change(MD) whose leader, Morgan Tsvangrai, won the election for president in March. The ruler of Zimbabwe met with decision makers of his party, Zanu-Pf, who urged him not to make concessions but to continue ruling with all power in his hands. Military leaders emphasized they had opposed any discussions about reconciliation because they did not wish to surrender any of their powers. They reportedly urged him to dissolve Parliament in which the MDC holds the majority and have another election which they assured the president they would guarantee any results he desired.

Military leaders have amassed huge fortunes thanks to Mugabe’s need of their support. They fear giving Tsvangirai any power would most probably lead to investigations and possible criminal action against them. Inflation has reached three million percent and 80% of the nation lives in power but the men in charge of Zimbabwe have only one concern– their power and interests which must be protected. Cry for the beloved nation of Zimbabwe.

Mugabe Thugs Rampage Against Opposition!

Rbert Mugabe lost an election six weeks ago and still refuses to accept the decision of his own people. Instead, he has unleashed the thugs of war to beat, brutalize and kill those who dared to vote for his opponent. The number of post-election deaths has now risen to at least 32 as Mugabe men continue hunting down their prey. A correspondent for SW Radio said in the rural area of Chiweshe at least 11 villagers were murdered after they resisted unspecified demands by a group of so called “war-veterans” who were running wild in the area. A “war veteran” technically speaking is one who fought in the war to liberate Zimbabwe in the 1970s, but now young men in their twenties are claiming to be “war veterans.” They are nothing more than street corner thugs and hoodlums who have been recruited by ZANU-PF, the president’s policial party, in order to oppress opponents of the government.

There are reports ZANU-PF supporters are taking away national identity cards which means the individual can not vote in an election. The Plantation Workers Union now estimates about 40,000 people have been displaced as a result of the ZANU-PF terror against the few remaining white farmers.

As terror engulfs Zimbabwe, the African Union remains silent. President Mbeki of South Africa continues to proclaim his friend, Robert Mugabe, is a patriot in the war agaist imperialism. That was thirty years ago, but what about the present? Are people today to suffer because Mugabe fought thirty years ago for their independence?

Zimbabwe Recount Recounts Same Results!

The Zanu-PF party of President Robert Mugabe once again failed to obtain a majority in Parliament even after the Election Commission made a fervent effort to overthrow its loss in the parliamentary election results. The Electoral Commission said results were unchanged in 18 of the 23 seats where recounts had taken place. The Zanu-PF needs to overturn results in at least 9 districts if it is to attain a majority in Parliament but its effort has failed. The Zimbabwe Electoral Commission said they may even get around to finally releasing results of the presidential election, only after a “verification and collation” process occurs with agents of the presidential candidates. The only clear aspect of the Electoral Commission statement is that no final result will be provided until Robert Mugabe says one should be offered.

In the meantime, violence and brutality continues against supporters of the victorious Movement for Democratic Change whose candidate, Morgan Tsvangirai clearly won a majority of votes. Mugabe appears unwilling to give in on this point and is using the beating and imprisoning of hundreds of MDC followers as a means of using force to secure another election. Hopefully, for Mugabe, the next time round, will be a more controlled election in which the ballots are counted prior to voting in order to ensure victory.