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Do US Air Attacks Increase Terrorism?

The administration of George Bush from day one of its existence has probably done more to increase terrorism in the world than any government body on this planet. Wajid Shamsul Hasan, Pakistan’s high commissioner in the United Kingdom, warned that continued American air strikes into Pakistan are having the exact opposite result from their intention. “American trigger-happy actions will radicalize young Muslims,” he said, and most probably encourage the growth of radical groups which inevitably will result in terror attacks in the UK. Meanwhile, in Pakistan, President Zardari and Prime Minister Gilani, vowed to defend their sovereignty against American incursions into their country. both leaders have agreed that their nation’s territorial integrity must be protected.

Sources close to the Pakistan Daily Times said “the top leaders had been uneasy with the reported US plan to go after targets in the tribal Areas despite Pakistan’s protests. They said Gilani asked Zardari to press the UK to influence the US to stop the attacks.” Zardari will convey to Prime Minister Brown his nation’s anger at what the Bush administration is doing in his nation.

Perhaps, it is time for Senator Barack Obama to inform the American people that Bush’s war on terror is creating terrorism, not fighting it.

Pakistan-Afghanistan–What Is Going On?

Asif Ali Zardari was sworn in as president of Pakistan and alongside him as the only foreign representative to attend the ceremony was a man who supposedly did not like Pakistan– President Karzai of Afghanistan. The presence of Karzai, who has repeatedly accused Pakistan of aiding his enemy, the Taliban, was apparently an effort by Zardari to signal his nation’s new stance of seeking to destroy the Taliban which was created by Pakistan’s Intelligence service. “Pakistan and Afghanistan are like twins conjoined. They are inseparable and that is why both are suffering from the same troubles,” said Karzai. The new president of Pakistan promised to take an aggressive approach to dealing with the Taliban and al-Qaeda whose forces control areas both of Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Zardari has several problems in trying to be assertive toward terrorists. His own armed forces are divided and many are openly sympathetic with the Taliban. His nation needs the focus to be on economic development, not on fighting anyone, let alone terrorists. Continue reading

Zardari Becomes Pakistan President– Now What?

There was scant suspense as to who would be elected president of Pakistan since the Pakistan People’s Party(PPP)which has a majority was bound to have its leader, Asif Ali Zardari assume that position. However, he inherits a society that is fragmented, angry, confused, and divided as to how to proceed. Zardari, widower of the popular hero, Benazir Bhutto, must now deal with a host of problems and there is nothing in his background to suggest he has the capability of being an effective leader. Nighat Anis, a retired teacher in Islamabad, summed up the feeling of many when she said: “my worries are terrorism and rising prices, not the politics. Our children are either becoming militants, suicide bombers or victims of terrorist attacks. If he does it(solve problems)the whole nation will support him.”

Many people believe Pakistan support for the war in Afghanistan is a major reason why there nation is being targeted for terrorist attacks. Noor Ali, a fruit vendor, expressed the frustration of many, “Tell him we don’t want any more fighting. We want peace.” There undoubtedly is strong support for driving the Taliban from Pakistan soil, the problem is how to achieve that goal.

Most probably, at the core of conflict in Pakistan is the need to create a viable economy such as that found in India, one which offers economic opportunities to all within society.

Pakistan Violence Strikes At Prime Minister

Pakistani Prime Minister Yusaf Raza Gilani survived an assassination attempt when gun men tried to shoot him while in his car. Meanwhile, the car carrying Lynne Tracy, the key American diplomat in the northwest region, was also fired upon as she drove to her office. There undoubtedly will be further attempts to kill important political figures in the Pakistan government which is confronting new conflict as a result of the collapse of its coalition government. Pakistan prosecutors said they were proceeding with investigating corruption charges against Nawaz Sharif, leader of the Pakistan Muslim League-N who made the fatal mistake of quitting the coalition government led by Asif Zardari.

Both Sharif and Zardari have been charged in the past with being guilty of corruption. As part of their agreement with former President Musharraf, the charges were suspended when they returned to Pakistan. Sharif wanted former Supreme Court justices who wee fired by Musharraf to be restored to office, but Zardari refused to do what he had promised. He fears the restored judges would investigate corruption of him so the solution was keeping them out of office.

The real question to ask of Pakistan political leaders is– can they form a government which has men and women who have previously not been charged with corruption?

Is A Mad Man Destined For Pakistan Leadership?

The resignation of President Musharraf from office has opened the door to power to an individual whose 11 years as a political prisoner in Pakistan resulted in psychiatrists concluding he was a bundle of nerves and traumatized by the experience. Asif Ali Zardari, appeared to psychologists who examined him as a man who had a complete mental breakdown and couldn’t even remember being married to Benazir Bhutto or his own birthday. But, today, due to his wife’s assassination last fall, he stands at the pinnacle of power and will undoubtedly triumph in his quest for the presidency by defeating arch rival Nawaz Sharif. In November, 2007, he merely hovered in the background as his wife dominated the scene, but with her death, the Pakistan People’s Party(PPP) was compelled to appoint him to the position of co-chair with his son.

Zardari is a man bent on revenge and he is willing to break promises or agreement in his quest for power. He originally agreed with Nawaz Sharif that once back in office, Supreme Court justices would be restored to power, but Zardari feared such an action might place in a position of power justices who not only would rule against Musharraf, but himself. He fears powerful judges who might investigate charges of corruption against him.

There is no effective leadership in Pakistan and there will still be none once Zardari is elected president. The future may well lie in an assumption of power by General Ashfaq Kayani, the chief of staff. Someone has to deal with the myriad of problems facing the nation and Zardari is not the man for that task.

Zardari To Be New Pakistan President

Several years ago, Asif Ali Zardari, husband of Benazir Bhutto was a shunned figure who was notorious for situations in which charges of corruption were leveled against him. His enemy, President Musharraf would not even allow him to return to Pakistan, but the growing conflict with militants and the chaos resulting from the president’s discharge of supreme court justices, enabled Bhutto and her spouse to return home. After her death, Zardari assumed the position of co-chairperson of the Pakistan People’s Party and led the fight to oust Musharraf from the presidency. Reports indicate Zardari will become the new president of Pakistan, which in effect, means a failed president is being replaced by one who carries a reputation of being corrupt.

The Pakistan Muslim League -N, led by Nawz Sharif is not particularly pleased with the selection of one who is Sharif’s main rival for power. Life in the coming months should be interesting as the two power hungry men vie for leadership.

Musharraf Must Go Say Pakistanis

President Musharraf of Pakistan has long been a close ally of the Bush administration which regards him as a friend in their battle against terrorism. Unfortunately, for Musharraf the people of his own country don’t share America’s pride in his administration of government nor of his disregard for law when justices of the Pakistan Supreme Court were ousted by the president. The winner in parliamentary elections, the Pakistan People’s Party led by co-chairman Asif Ali Zardari, is anxious to resolve the debate as to whether or not Musharraf should continue in power. Zardari told Saudi Arabian officials they regard Musharraf as a de facto president and will work with him, but there was no indication as to how long that relationship will continue.

Zardari has been emphasizing the importance of keeping the government functioning and avoiding any immediate constitutional crisis that would arrive if Musharraf was immediately ousted as desired by many Pakistani politicians. Time will tell how long Musharraf maintains his position.

Is President Musharraf A Relic Of The Past?

Asif Ali Zardari, co-chair of the Pakistan Peoples Party, told the India Trust that President Musharraf was a “relic of the past” and there is tremendous pressure on the new Pakistan government to ensure his ouster from office. The people were telling his party, “we don’t want bread, we don’t want electricity, but we want him out.” Zardari complained that for months he has been attempting to avoid a constitutional crisis and find a way to reconcile the demands for ouster of Musharraf with national needs for continuity, but the pressure was simply mounting for action on the position of President Musharraf. Although, Musharraf has taken off his uniform, he is stil regarded as a military man who endeavored to keep power in his hand while refusing to recognize other institutions like the Pakistan court system.

Zardari discussed Pakistan needs for reconciliation with India and devlopment of energy projects in border regions which would be benefial to both nations, but “I cannot work if there is an impasse between myself and the president.”

President Musharraf told leaders of his party that he would not continue in office if he was merely a “relic of the past.” Perhaps, both sides have now reached a common understanding of what must be done to move ahead.

Pakistan Turmoil Over Judges Upsets Unity

President Musharraf last fall removed several judges from the Pakistan Supreme Court because they opposed his attempts to gain complete power. The judges were replaced by another set of judges who were sympathetic to the demands of the president. The Pakistan Muslim League-N- headed by Nawaz Sharif has taken up the fight to restore to power the judges who were sacked and being unable to get their ideas accepted by the current government led by the Pakistan People’s Party, they have resigned their posts. Nawaz said he had joined the coalition government on condition the judges would be restored. PPP co-chair, Asif Zardari, wants to move slowly on this issue. He fears trying to restore the judges would result in the current Pakistan Supreme Court declaring such an action to be illegal and creating a constitutional crisis.

This entire mess was created by President Musharraf’s original illegal action. Nawaz may well be playing to the court of public opinion by casting himself as a noble person who is fighting against the forces of evil. In a sense, he has transformed the PPP from a party opposing Musharraf into one that is supporting him. it is a rather clever ploy, but it runs the risk of creating turmoil at a time when Pakistan needs calm heads in order to deal with a host of problems including dealing with militants in northeast regions of the country.

Pakistan Political Parties Deadlocked Over Judge Issue

Pakistani leaders meeting in London in an effort to resolve the conflict regarding the positon of judges fired by President Musharraf have yet to come to an agreement on how to handle the situation. Musharraf sacked judges last fall who opposed him including the head of the Pakistan Supreme Court. Asif Ali Zardari, widow of the slain Benazir Bhutto, is willing to allow the issue to dominate the current situation confronting his nation but Nawaz Sharif, who heads a key political party in the governing coalition, has made return of the judges a key issue. His goal is removal of Musharraf from the presidency and he believes restoring the judges to power will asisst in gaining that goal.

Zardari is no great supporter of Musharraf was wants to avoid a constitutional crisis that might result if the judges are returned to their former positions and attempts are made by Nawaz Sharif to use the power of the judiciiary to remove the president. At this point, Zardari is willing to allow judges appointed by Musharraf to replace those fired to be allowed to continue in office.

As many Democrats today urge Senator Clinton to step down, so do many Pakistanis urge Musharraf to step down and allow their nation to escape a constituional crisis. We suspect neither will walk away from power.