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US Moves From Personality To Nation In Pakistan

The United States government apparently is considering the importance of what Senator Joseph Biden has termed, moving away from “a policy focused on personality” to one focused on what is best for the people of Pakistan. Deputy Secretary of State John Negroponte made clear the Bush administration decision to cooperate with whoever has been elected by the people of Pakistan to lead their nation. Ironically, a major Bush argument in 2000 against the Clinton admnistration was its focus on nation building. Bush apparently is now convinced trying to impose US will on other nations invariably results in disaster.

Meanwhile, in Pakistan, President Musharraf is also moving in the direction of cooperating with Pakistan’s political leaders. He is willing to compromise on the key issue of his sacking of judges who opposed him. Musharraf has offered to retore the judges provided none of them is allowed to sit on cases involving the president.

An important issue still to be resolved is what would happen if Pakistan’s new parliament instituted impeachment against President Musharraf. Which judges would then sit in judgement on the president?

Benazir Bhutto Will Designates Husband As Leader

The will of assassinated leader Benazir Bhutto is now being revealed to the public. In her will, Ms. Bhutto designates her husband, Asif Ali Zardari, as her successor in the role of Prime Minister of Pakistan and terms him “a man of courage and honour. He has the political stature to keep our party united.” Naturally, Zardari echoes the feelings of his dead wife by regarding himself as the perfect man to lead Pakistan in these difficult times if his People’s Party of Pakistan wins an electoral majority in the upcoming parliamentary elections.

The history of Mr. Zardari reveals scant evidence of his brilliance or “honour” in leadership. He is a corrupt individual who has a reputation of hiring incompetents and those who want to join him in the task of using government for enrichment possibilities. Pakistan needs new leadership, not relics of the old corrupt era of the Bhuttos.

Musharraf Calls In Scotland Yard

In an address to the nation, President Musharraf announced a six week delay in Pakistan elections, claiming this decision was being made at the request of the Election Commission. He also said that Prime Minister Gordon Brown of England had been asked to send a special Scotland Yard team to help in the investigation of the murder of Benazir Bhutto. Her husband, Asif Ali Zardari, however, urged the involvement of the United Nations into any investigation effort, but his request was rejected by Musharraf.

There is no question Musharraf wanted an election, and, most probably gave those instructions to the Election Commission. He fears a powerful sympathy vote for Bhutto and wanted to put some time and space between the killing and the election. Nawaz Shariff, who heads the PML-N, stated he was going to proceed with efforts to form a coalition government with the Pakistan Peoples Party of Bhutto in the event he wins. He also flatly rejected any possibility of working with Musharraf in a coalition. A problem facing Pakistan is that its leaders have too many moral flaws and whoever gains power will most probably do nothing to end corruption. At this point, it is important to put in place an effective secular led government that can deal with terrorism and restore a semblance of democracy to Pakistan.