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Opponents Of US Intervention Seek Intervention

Left wing Latin Americans have long bemoaned the presence and might of the United States which repeatedly has intervened in the affairs of their region. Ousted Honduran president, Manuel Zelaya, who has formed close ties with anti-American intervention leader, Hugo Chavez, is callign for America to intervene and help restore him to power. Zelaya welcomes kind words from President Obama, but he wants action such as cutting off money to those who overthrew him and imposing economic sanctions. Obama’s failure to act, he claims, will risk “his prestige in Latin America.”

Zelaya decided to move closer to the ideas of Hugo Chavez which are based on controlling the media, trying to control education and the lives of college students, corruption and nepotism, and other such wonderful “left wing ideas.” If Zelaya obtained power he most probably would impose a Chavez approach to governing and make as his main point denouncing any attempt by the US to intervene in his nation’s affairs.

Sorry, Manuel, you can’t have it both ways– although you want it both ways!

Honduras Follies Create Laughter Not Violence

Manuel Zelaya was president of Honduras when he decided to play the Hugo Chavez card in order to retain power. He insists the only concern in his life is to better the life of those who are poor. The only consistent aspect of politics in Latin America is the insistence on the part of those who seek power their only aim is to help poor and oppressed people. As Zelaya’s term of office drew to a conclusion, he concluded (as has Hugo Chavez and Fidel Castro) that without his brilliant leadership the cause of ending poverty was impoverished due to lack of leadership besides himself. So, he attempted to retain power by changing the Constitution of Honduras which resulted in him being deposed from office by conservatives and the armed forces.

Zelaya attempted to cross back into Honduras and was prevented by the army. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who opposed the coup, termed his attempt, “reckless” and not helpful in the struggle to end the coup. Zelaya insists if he could return home there would be peace, happiness and prosperity. Ah, Lord, protect us from those who seek our happiness on the back of their seizure of power.

Two Sides Of President Zelaya Story?

Hopefully, the United States has ended its unilateral policies of interfering in the internal affairs of Latin American nations and accepting the principle that each nation decides its own course of democracy. Honduras President Manuel Zelaya was ousted by the nation’s military after the Supreme Court said he was attempting to violate the constitution by allowing a president to run for another term of office. His actions in attempting to end constitutional guarantees against one man remaining in the presidency for a long period of time are similar to those practiced by his mentor, Hugo Chavez, president of Venezuela. The same sense of grandiosity is heard in Zelaya about the need to save the people by having eternal power. “Today, I feel like I have sufficient spiritual strength, blessed with the blood of Christ, to be able to arrive there(home) and raise the crucifix.”

The OAS, the UN, the United States oppose the military ousting of Zelaya. However, the solution is simple, have the good president serve out his term, end efforts to change the constitution and stand clear of running for president. Hopefully, he would admit he is not the second coming of Jesus Christ and allow some other competent person to be president.