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Mugabe Rises From The Dead To Fight On

During the past several days there have been reports of secret negotiations between the Movement for Democratic Change and President Mugabe in order to prepare the way for a peaceful transition of government. It now appears those stories are incorrect and the ruling party of Zanu-PF is not going to depart peacefully from the scene of power. Although no figures on the presidential race have yet to be released by the Election Commission, Deputy Information Minister Bright Matonga defiantly announced: “Zanu-PF is ready for a run-off, we are ready for a resulting victory.” he told the press Mugabe was “very much alive and kicking and is anxiously awaiting the results as well.” He did acknoweldge his party had been negligent in getting out the vote. Of course, delay in reporting results most probably is caused by the need for Mugabe to carefully doctor the vote account in order to ensure Morgan Tsvangirai never received at least 50% of the vote.

Frustrated by the failure to release a vote count, the Movement for Democratic Change had released its own figures which prove conclusively Tsvangirai received more than 50% of votes cast. One can only assume Mugabe and his cronies examined their bleak future and decided a bleak future for the people of Zimbabwe made more sense than surrendering power and the money that goes along with it. The fat lady was singing but Mugabe was tone deaf to the call for democracy in his nation.

Ides Of March– Will Mugabe Kill Democracy?

The people of Zimbabwe must be concerned as they lined up by the millions to vote because President Mugabe said he would accept the decision of the electorate. the Zimbabwe ecnomy has collapsed due to the disastrous policies of Mugabe, millions have fled the nation, and an election is going on. Why would Mugabe, who has ruled for 28 years, say he will accept the polling results? The only logical reason is he knows how the voting will turn out– with his re-election. Noel Kututwa, of the Zimbabwe Election Support Network, observed: “from what we have obsrved of the voting, there have been minimal problems.” He noted lines were not as long as in previous elections but this might be due to the fact millions have fled the nation in search of jobs.

The people of Zimbabwe who voted has a feeling of expectancy their long nightmare might end, but at the same time there was a deep sense of doubt Robert Mugabe would exit in any graceful manner. The problem does not lie in people voting, it lies in the people who are counting the votes. In all likelihood, there will be extensive vote fraud, the only uncertainty is the percentage of victory Mugabe seeks to achieve.