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Zimbabwe Military Promises Only Mugabe Can Win

Zimbabwe’s commissioner-general Augustine Chihuri was quoted in the government controlled Herald newspaper as saying his force would not allow a “puppet” to rule the country. By puppet, he meant any person other than Mugabe who might be elected to lead Zimbabwe. In response, the National Constitutional Assembly, a coalition of human rights groups, urged members of the military to refuse obeying orders from their commanders who intend to disallow the voice of the people. “Go against the orders of your commanders,” they said, “lay down your arms and rally behind the people of Zimbabwe to foster reconstruction and devlopment. It is not too late to refuse to be used as pawns by those who hold no allegiance to you or your families, and whose only interest is their own personal greed and ambition.”

It is clear military leaders have obtained considerable rewards from President Mugabe to ensue they remain loyal to a government conceived in avarice and ruled by the law of personal gain. The people of Zimbabwe have become puppets to be manipulated and used by those whose only goal is maintaing a status quo which has wrecked the economy and compelled millions to flee in search of jobs.