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Zimbabwe Tragedy Goes On And On And On…..

Months and weeks have passed since President Mugabe stole an election which resulted in him becoming “president” of his nation. The Southern African Development Community(SADC) months ago asked President Mbeki of South Africa to help mediate the dispute between Morgan Tsvangirai, head of the Movement for Democratic Change(MDC) whose original victory in the presidential race was voided by the Mugabe government. Mbeki, a close friend of Mugabe, has procrastinated and hampered any effort to exert pressure on his good friend to behave according to standards of democracy. Tsvangirai was halted at the airport, his passport seized, and finally returned. Every time there is a rumor Mugabe has agreed to anything resembling abandoning some of his power, within hours or a day, the rumor is laid to rest.

The government of Botswana has just about reached the limits of its patience and has threatened to boycott the SADC meeting if Mugabe shows up. Unfortunately, other African nations are not showing similar concern for the people of Zimbabwe. The result is the dance of negotiation goes on and on….

Is Mugabe Ready To Surrender Power In Zimbabwe?

Discussions continue between President Mugabe of Zimbabwe and the opposing Movement for Democratic Change(MDC) whose leader, Morgan Tsvangirai, is seeking to assume an important role in the proposed coalition government that might be formed. However, President Mugabe told a ceremony honoring those who died in the fight for independence from Great Britain the opposition MDC must be careful not to be “used by enemies” and vowed his nation never would be a colony again. “Let us not hand over the country to the enemy” he warned the MDC. In other words, if the MDC did anything that was supported by Great Britain they would be judged to be an enemy of President Mugabe.

Discussions have been continuing but the comments of Mugabe might indicate a stumbling block to any coalition government. During the past several years, Mugabe has ruined the farm economy of his nation by driving out efficient white farmers and replacing them with his stooges and friends who lack knowledge of effective farming methods. A new government would almost have to revive the farm economy and get the nation back to work. This would require working with American and European experts, something Mugabe fears because the doesn’t want his friends to give up the farms and businesses they appropriated from foreign sources.

Zimbabwe Talks Proceeding-Is Solution Possible?

South African President Thabo Mbeki continues flying back and forth from his country to Zimbabwe in an effort to resolve the conflict between Morgan Tsvangirai of the Movement for Democratic Change(MDC) who won the fair election in March, 2008 and President Mugabe who won the fraudulent election in June of this year. Mbeki has instituted a blackout on information regarding progress of the discussions although rumors continue circulating of some form of power sharing between the men. President Mbeki is under pressure to show some results prior to the Southern African Development Community(SADC) meeting at which some participants already are demanding retaliation against Mugabe for the violence he has inflicted on his nation. Botswana called for barring Mugabe on grounds he is not the legitimate ruler of the nation.

Mbeki failure to initiate mediation efforts in the spring of this year encouraged Mugabe to proceed with the violence accompanying his “election” in June. His supporters were encouraged to brutalize, rape and kill and now these individuals fear if Morgan Tsvangirai assumes power they will be prosecuted.

Mugabe Agrees To Share Power With Tsvangirai

After months of conducting a brutal campaign against Morgan Tsvangirai, head of the Movement for Democratic Change in Zimbabwe, President Mugabe agreed to work with his rival in order to create the semblance of order in the nation that has been torn to pieces by refusal on the part of Mugabe to surrender his office. President Mbeki of South Africa, finally awoke from his slumber of ignoring brutality, and persuaded Mugabe to reach out to his rival and agree to work in a cooperative manner. “We sit here in order for us to chart a new way,” said Mugabe, ” a new way of political interaction. We must now act as Zimbabweans, think as Zimbabweans, and act as Zimbabweans.” Despite misgivings about the thuggish manner in which Mugabe has behaved, Morgan Tsvangirai pledged his cooperation. Both agreed on the need to amend the Constitution and most probably adopt the compromise Kenya developed last year– a president and a prime minister who share power.

Although both men are now promising to cooperate, the nation is in a shambles as a result of Mugabe’s economic policies which destroyed farming in the nation. Inflation is now at 2.2 million percent and over two million people have fled the country. Tsvangirai must become the prime minister and be given power to restore the farm economy. In doing that, it would force Mugabe’s friends and loyalists to give up the land they legally stole.