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The nation of Israel is supposedly a democracy, but the latest act of charging MK Hanin Zuabi with engaging in unpatriotic actions is simply another illustration of the presence of two laws–one for Jews and one for Arabs. It would be impossible to imagine the Knesset punishing a Jew who went to the West Bank and joined settlers in protesting actions by the Israel Defense Force. No cries would emerge from Knesset members that forming an alliance with groups that refuse to obey the law constitutes an act of treason. Ms. Zuabi was stripped of three parliamentary privileges because she participated in the flotilla expedition. Her response to the 34-16 vote was: “it’s not surprising that a country that strips the fundamental rights of its Arab citizens would revoke the privileges of a Knesset member who loyally represents her electorate.” She made clear her attention to continue fighting for human rights in Israel, regardless of any consequences for herself.

Israel settlers have attacked members of the IDF and they have received support from members of the Knesset. Perhaps, the Israel government can explain this double standard behavior regarding issues of patriotism.