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African National Congress Seeks Compromise

The African National Congress has asked President Mbeki to appoint its deputy president, Kgalema Motianthe, to Parliament. Motianthe is a left-wing intellectual who is an ally of Jacob Zuma, president of the ANC, but who faces criminal charges for money-laundering, fraud and raceteering in court. Zuma and Mbeki have been fighting over leadership of the ANC, and since Mbeki’s term as president soon ends there is need for a compromise candidate if Zuma is convicted of the charges. The ANC dominance in South Africa ensures its candidate will be elected president next year.

Zuma has aroused anxiety among South African busness leaders due to his inflammatory rhetoric and his close ties with labor unions so there is need for someone who can maintain stability and prevent creating a financial crisis in South Africa. The last thing the African continent needs is another Zimbabwe economic fiasco.

Mugabe May Be No Show At Summit Meeting

The government of Zimbabwe raised doubts as to whether President Mugabe would even attend the upcoming summit meeting that was called by the Southern African Development Community(SADC) to discuss recent events surrounding the presidential electiion in Zmbabwe. Deputy Information Minister Bright Matonga, said, “We didn’t call for that summit, it was called by SADC…Who invites who is not our perogative, but this summit was done without prior consultation with the government of Zimbabwe.” The SADC is attempting to get the results of the presidential election released which interferes with efforts by Mugabe to retain power and to initiate a program of retaliation against those who dared vote against him.

Morgan Tsvangirai, leader of the Movement for Democratic Change, met with President Mbeki of South Africa who has demonstrated by his inaction that he has the backbone of a chocolate eclair when it comes down to fighting for human rights in Zimbabwe. However, the most probable new president of South Africa, Jacob Zuma, has been demanding that “all parties(including Mugabe) “respect the will of the people regardless of the outcome.”

Amnesty International issued a sttement about the widespread incidents of post election violence in Zimbabwe “suggesting the existence of coordinated retirbution against known and suspected opposition supporters.” It is clear President Mugabe will use his security forces in all there brutality to ensure victory if it comes down to a run-off.

Zimbabwe Style Election -Winner Is The Loser!

Morgan Tsvangirai, head of the Movement for Democratic Change in Zimbabwe won the most votes in the presidential election, but, according to the rules of elections as practiced by President Robert Mugabe, the real intention of voters in casting more votes for his opponent was to let the world know they really wanted Mubage to remain in office. Tsvangirai is now in South Africa in an attempt to get other African nations to exert pressure on Mugabe. South African President Mibeki was of little assistance since his basic response was the situation in Zmbabwe was “manageable,” whatever they means. However, Jacob Zuma, leader of the African National Congress condemned refusal on the part of the Zimbabwe government to release voting figures even though 10 days have passed. Zuma made it clear that keeping the people of Zimbabwe and the international community in suspense was “wrong.”

In the meantime, thugs are beating up people in areas where there was strong opposition to the president and the Zimbabwe Election Commission told the courts they are unable to release the voting tallies due to pressure being exerted on them by the president.