Taliban Rejects Karsai Offer For Negotiations

President Hamid Karzai of Afghanistan reached out to Taleban leaders in an effort to fighting in his nation. A few days ago, thirty Afghan soldiers were blown up when a suicide bomber blew himself up on a bus. Karzai’s message to Taleban leaders said: “Esteemed Mullah(Omar) sir, esteemed Hermatyar, why are you destroying the country?” He offered to meet them any place in Afghanistan and gave assurances he was willing to offer the Taleban positions in his government including being members of the cabinet. A Taleban spokesperson, responded to his plea by saying there would be no negotiation in the “presence of foreign forces.” The American Embassy in Kabul is apparently upset at Karzai’s offer since it rejects any form of negotiation with the Taleban.Ironically, the Taleban and the United States government agree there should not be negotation. Karzai finds himself in a difficult situation since he cannot negotiate without the presence of foreign forces because they provide the military force ensuring he can survive.