1% Solution To War?

President Obama has frequently made reference to the fact that one percent of the 300 million American population are engaged in serving in the armed forces. The burden of defending this nation lies in the 1% solution. On one hand, President Obama and leading Republicans like John McCain insist we need more and more troops in Afghanistan to “win the war” in that country. However, it is clear from those on the scene there is limited interest or concern among leaders of the Afghanistan army to engage in actively military encounters with the Taliban. This suggests there is a half of one percent solution among the Afghan people about the war in their nation.

It is time to select from among two options– institute a draft and create an armed force that can deal with the Taliban both in Afghanistan and in Pakistan. Or, we can reach the only logical solution and get the heck out of Afghanistan. This evacuation will compel the Afghan leadership to become serious about fighting the Taliban or accept defeat and retreat into the mountains and assume the role currently played by the Taliban.

Who knows, if the Afghan government exchanged places with the Taliban we might be dealing with Taliban leaders to combat terrorism.