10 On November 10

It was just another day in Afghanistan, the 10th of November in the year, 2010. Another day, another patrol, another bomb blast, another death, just another day in Afghanistan. Oh, it is the day before Veteran’s Day when our nation honors those who died in one war or another. I am certain President Obama will stand at attention, his hand will go to the forehead and he will salute those who are dead. Some died in a Taliban ambush, some died when an explosive destroyed their vehicle, some were shot, but, regardless of how they died, they are dead. Tomorrow, as hands go to foreheads, there will be still another ambush, still another bomb blast, and still another day of death in Afghanistan. President Obama undoubtedly is convinced he made the right decision to continue a war without end. After all, he was but a child when the Vietnam war concluded, not, of course with a bang, but with a whimper as the last troops hopped on helicopters and got the hell of of that Asian nightmare.

The problem that Barack Obama refused to solve in January, 2009 when he made the decision to go on with the war, was that he never had a plan on concluding this war anymore than he had a plan on how to explain his programs to the American people. Come November 11, and the dead will be joined with new dead. This is the end result of continuing a war that should have ended–at least for America– a year ago.