10% Weinie!

I wish to inform one and all who might wander to this blog that I solemnly promise this will be the last and final and absolutely the culmination of any writing and thinking concerning the career or actions of one, Anthony Weiner. Alas, his share of the Democratic primary vote has fallen to 10%. This pains me, a boy from the Bronx since the thought of another Jewish boy becoming mayor would have been delightful news. And, just think, a nice Jewish boy who sucked up to any Orthodox Jew in order to present himself as the undying friend of right wing Jews in Israel actually had a wife who was Arab. What a delightful story that will not become part of American political lore or reality.

The weinie has shrunk. It will not even fit into a bun. I will no longer have to anxiously seek on my computer any images of a tiny, tiny weinie. Alas, poor Anthony, we knew your weinie when it was long and firm.