1000 For One

The Israel government has finally agreed to a prisoner exchange with Hammas. The nation of Israel will turn over about 1,000 Palestinians who are in their jails in exchange for captured Israel soldier Gilad Shalit. Israelis believe they are honor bound by a society which values each and every Jewish life to allow convicted murderers and terrorists to go free in order to have their son and fellow Israeli released. Most Israelis argue their society is based on a sense of community and solidarity in which each Jewish life is so precious that hundreds of Arab lives could not equal that individual life.

The regard for a single life is a very powerful emotion. A willingness to sacrifice other Israel  lives in order to free the captured soldier appears to reflect a sense of love and comradeship on the part of the Israeli people. However, one is left wondering if the notion of  a single life being valued also applies to Palestinians who are driven from their land, their crops are destroyed and thousands wind up in jail for violations of rules and regulations.

The concept that each life is precious must be applied to ALL people if it is to have meaning for humanity.