The day of the century  has arrived, the day when not only will people of this era cease to exist, but so will their descendants. 12-12-12 only appears once in a century, once in a decade, once in human history so there must be something special about these numbers. Why did God allow humans to devise a calendar which has those numbers? Is it a coincidence those numbers appeared just as a Muslim government assumed power in Egypt? Is it  a coincidence those numbers appear just as a Muslim president in Syria is fighting to prevent infidels from gaining power?

Fortunately, for the American people, a man named Tray Bartel in the wonderful sensible state of Texas understood the implications of these numbers. He took his six year old son, took out a  box cutter and carved into the back of the boy a pentagram. As of this point, Tray has not revealed the meaning of the pentagram.

One question to Tray: how come this kid gets the pentagram and you don’t?