Following are twenty reasons for America to leave Afghanistan.

1. No member of Congress or the Executive can draw a map of Afghanistan. If you can’t draw a map of a country, don’t invade it.

2. It has mountains and mountains and mountains.

3. Afghans all look alike. You can’t tell the bad guys from the good guys.

4. Whoever controls the Afghan government will screw women.

5. “Enough troops” is an infinite number.

6. Generals are calling the shots about strategy.

7. There are more clans and tribes in Afghanistan than members of the UN.

8. History, on occasion, does repeat itself.

9. Corruption is to Afghan leaders as lobbyists are to American congressmen.

10. Obama wants to get re-elected.

11. European soldiers want to go home or be stationed in parts of Afghanistan where no one fires at them.

12. We love our fighting men and women.

13. Deja vu all over again and if Yogi Berra says it, then that is the truth.

14. Do you want your son or daughter or spouse fighting in Afghanistan?

15. We love the people of Afghanistan who are entitled to some peace.

16. George Bush got us into this mess.

17. No child should have to say, “my mom or dad died in Afghanistan, and I have no idea what they were doing there.”

18. Any action or inaction on the part of Obama is, by definition, wrong to Republicans because he did or did not do it.

19. Alexander the Great could not win.

20. Add your own—————