2000 Blackbirds And 100,000 Fish Dead In Arkansas!

Over the weekend, 2000 red-winged blackbirds fell from the sky on a town in Arkansas and this occurred one day after 100,000 drum fish were found dead in the Arkansas River. This intrepid reporter is pleased to announce the mystery of these deaths is now explained. First, note the death of the birds and fish took place in Arkansas. Is it a coincidence that people in Arkansas voted for the Republican party in the last election? Note, no birds or fish died in New York or California, two states that voted for Democrats in the November election. Barack Hussein Obama is simply carrying out plans of his fellow Muslim terrorists and unleashing death and destruction on Americans who stand up against his Socialist ideas! Is it any coincidence that decent hard working Christians in Arkansas rallied to prevent Muslim fanatics to open a mosque in their fair state? Obama and his Communist liberals oppose hunting so what better way to clamp down on gun-toting Americans than to kill off the birds and prevent them from being shot down and die the American way?

Fist, Obama and his Muslim terrorist buddies killed the birds, then they killed the fish, and you know who is next on your list! Protect America against atheist Muslims like Barack Obama, get out your guns and shoot down every bird so the Muslims can’t kill them! Give birds and American death– a bullet hole through their damn head!