2024-End Or Beginning Of Era?

It is the year, 2024 and the people of Russia are celebrating the beginning of a new era. President Putin has reigned in power for 24 years and he has designated Prime Minister Dimitry Medvedev to be his successor as the next president. Medvedev promised the nation he would only hold this office for six years since the Constitution requires someone else to be president. However, he dutifully bowed before President Putin, and on bended knees promised that once the year 2030 arrives he will flee from office and make certain THE PRESIDENT is once again president for twelve years.

OK, so it is 2042 and President Putin is assuring the nation he will step down for six years and his ever faithful little boy, Dimitry will become president. But, once 2048 arrives, Putin promises to once again become president and expects to celebrate Christmas 2060 as president of Russia.

Does anyone get the idea that Medvedev regards himself as Robin and Putin as Batman?