2025–Twilight Of US Power?

No empire has existed over time and there is scant likelihood, the American version of empire will endue throughout this century. A report by the National Intelligence Council(NIC)entitled: “Global trends 2025: A World Transformed” projects a dramatic decline in the ability of the United States to exert its power unless working with other nations. The analysis foresees a fragmented world where conflict over scarce resources is on the rise and international agencies are unable to exert power. The spread of nuclear weapons is forecast as technology becomes more available to many nations. The NIC believes wealth is spreading from the west to the east along with the inability of any single nation to exert its power over other nations. The Bush dream of unilateral American action is doomed to the dustbin of history.

The NIC also provides images of potential natural disasters such as hurricanes fueled by global warming placing parts of Manhattan island under water and causing the evacuation of thousands of people. In the last NIC report made in 2004, the US under the brave leadership of presidents like George Bush ruled the world. Such are the dreams of yesterday.

  • l weber

    You have reflected the “sexy” parts of the report re the U.S. It does seem a bit disingenuous to not report the reports view of Europe’s future. If no nation is unilaterally able to project power , it means that the remainder of the world is becoming more prosperous and able to exert influence. That is a good thing. Those with nothing to lose are generally the most likely to resort to aggression. As a Bush supporter, I welcome the opportunity to relinquish the responsibility of defending Europe, curing AIDS in Africa, and providing the world with new medicine and technology. The rest of the world is more than welcome to pick up these burdens.

    Larry Weber
    Beaufort, SC

  • http://www.theimpudentobserver.com Fred Stopsky

    Bush will live in infamy as the man who gave birth to terrorism in the world. George Bush was the greatest recruiter for al-Qaeda. I have always suspected Bush was a secret plant of al-Qaeda.