A new report indicates British soldiers serving in Iraq received next to little formal training in methods of handling prisoners. Brigadier Robert Aitken, who wrote the report, noted “there remains some outstanding issues” to be addressed and that lessons from police investigations, legacl advice and trials need to be better handled, “so that trends in criminal behavior or professional shortcomings can be quickly identified and emedied.” British military leaders insist any misbehavior was minor and the overall actions of troops was in accordance with internationl rules.

The inquiry into troop behavior stems from the drowning death of a sixteen year-old boy who was forced to swim across a river and the death of Bata of Baha Mosua who was found with 93 separate injuries. Six of seven soldiers charged were acquitted bu one admitted he used brutal teatment. Something went terribly wrong in Iraq regarding the treatment of prisoners. The evidence is overwhelming those in higher echelons of authority did not prepare troops, did not oversee procedures, and ignored mistreatment when called to their attention.